How to manage your Team

To manage your team, add, edit and remove team members, click on the team link in the main menu (located in your left side menu):

Here you will see a list of your team members and what role they have been assigned. You, the owner, will already be assigned the “Profile Manager” role. You can assign others this role, or you good give them the more limited “Account Manager” role. Here’s an explanation of the different roles:

  • Profile Manager - Manages your entire Friends+Me profile- basically all the social accounts/channels in your Friends+Me account. They have full control over your profile including adding and removing team members, and individual settings within each social account.
  • Account Manager -  Manages one or more Friends+Me accounts. This allows you to assign the management of one or more social networks within Friends+Me to a team member, such as your Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page. The account manager can manage all settings for the accounts they have been given access to such as the ability to queue new posts, delete posts, change link shortener or preset etc. However they can’t manage the entire profile for example they can not connect new accounts or invite team members.

Here is an example of how the Team Members section looks:

You can see that I am the Profile Owner- I have access to all my social accounts. And below, my secondary account (which I was using for testing) is set as the Account Manager role. That team member has access to my Twitter account, my Facebook page and a Pinterest board.

It’s easy to remove that member from the account (by clicking the “Remove Member” button) as well as removing access to some of the social accounts by clicking the relevant “Remove Permission” button. For example, if I decided I didn’t want this team member to manage my Facebook page any more from within Friends+Me, I’d click the “Remove Permission” button to the right of my Facebook page.

Finally, I can assign other social accounts to this team member- ones that are already in my Friends+Me account:


Below this I can a list of the invitations I’ve sent out (ones that are still pending) as well as the available profiles that I have access to.

If you have been invited to be a Profile Owner by another Friends+Me user they will be listed under the “Available Profiles” section together with your profile.

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