Bulk Schedule

Friends+Me support bulk schedule so you can import "unlimited" number of posts to schedule.

Text, link and image posts are supported.

CSV File Format

Your .csv file should include the following fields ("URL Type" and "URL" are optional)

If "URL" field is set then "URL Type" field is required and vice versa.

Field URL Type can contain value " photo" in case field "URL" is a link to a photo or " link" in case "URL" is a web link.


Format and Rules:

  • All fields must have double quotation marks around them and be separated by semicolon
  • Please set times in the future (at least 10 minutes from upload time)
  • Posting times must end in either a 5 or a 0, ex.22:45 or 22:50
  • All other times will be rounded up to the next 5 minute slot
  • Define only one message per time slot


25;06;2016;01;00;"Simple message"
25;06;2016;01;05;"Message with a link";"link";"https://friendsplus.me"
25;06;2016;01;10;"Message with a photo #1";"photo";"https://friendsplus.me/images/home.jpg"
25;06;2016;03;10;"Message with a photo #3";"photo";"https://friendsplus.me/images/home.jpg"

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