How to pick a preset that suits your social media strategy

On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see your Google+ profile and a list of menu items. You should also see the words “Preset: Grow” just under your name.

There are two presets for your accounts in Friends+Me- Grow and Mirror. To find out more and to change these, click on “set up” in the menu.


When you select “Grow”, Friends+Me will link back to the original Google+ post as opposed to the linked article in that post. This is great if you want to draw attention to your Google+ profile or page and build up engagement. If you select this, you can still override the setting on a per-network basis later. For example if you always wanted to link back to your Google+ posts when you repost to Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn, but you’d prefer to link to the linked article when you repost to Facebook, you can subsequently select “Mirror” in your Facebook settings


When you select “Mirror”, each new repost will link to the original linked article you shared and not your Google+ post. Although this won’t help in growing your Google+ channel, it allows you to always link to the articles you are sharing. 

Which one?

Hopefully the explanation above will help you decide, but ultimately the choice depends on your strategy and the way you want to work. If you change your mind later, that’s fine, it’s easy to go back in and change later.

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