Introduction to Friends+Me

What on Earth is Friends+Me?

Good question, glad you asked! Friends+Me is a powerful social media tool that allows you to post, selectively cross-post and schedule to a large number of social networks. It transforms Google+ into a Social Media Management Tool and gives you full control over which networks you want to repost to as well as when you want the post scheduled (either straight away, after a delay or at a predefined schedule). You can also use the browser extension which allows you to schedule posts to all your networks including Google+ profiles, pages, communities and collections. 

Google+, really?

Yes, really! Whilst you don’t need to be an active Google+ user to use Friends+Me (the browser extension allows you to post to all your networks without having to first post to Google+), there are huge advantages in posting first to Google+. This article isn’t the place to convince you of all the advantages (there are many articles out there already), but Friends+Me can help grow your Google+ followers and community and build your engagement rapidly. Of course, Google+ posts tend to get listed very quickly in search results which is a pretty good advantage!

What’s so different about Friends+Me?

There are many social media tools out there that allow you to quickly post and schedule to your social networks all from one dashboard. However Friends+Me does things a little differently:

  • It allows you to post to your Google+ profiles, communities and collections as well as your pages. Most tools can’t do that due to Google’s API restrictions. It also allows you to post and schedule to Tumblr.
  • You can craft your social media posts on your Google+ profiles or pages to cross post and schedule to your other networks. It does this intelligently and selectively.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can bypass Google+ and use the Chrome extension to cross-post and schedule to your networks.
  • Friends+Me understands the different mechanisms of each social network. For example, when posting to Twitter, Friends+Me only uses the title of the Google+ post and extracts the image from the link you are sharing (this is embedded in the tweet). Tweets with images are much more likely to have engagement.
  • You can track clicks and use a custom short domain for each network with and integration.

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