How to connect up your Social Media Empire

Do you remember the good ol’ days when there were only a few social networks on the block? We’ll forget about MySpace for now, but there was a time when many people and businesses had a Facebook account and possibly a Twitter or LinkedIn profile. Then Facebook launched business pages, Tumblr became popular, Google launched Google+ (and subsequently pages, communities and collections) and the social media world became rather more complicated to manage!

Once you’ve signed up with Friends+Me, you’ll be able to start connecting up your social media empire. As we’ve said, there’s a lot of choice! As well as connecting your Google+ accounts (profiles, pages, communities and collections) you can also connect to your Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Twitter, Tumblr and even However, to begin with, let’s keep things simple and connect to your Google+ profile, Twitter and your Facebook profile or page.

We’ll come on to Friends+Me’s Chrome extension in a subsequent article. The extension allows you to repost to all your networks without first posting to Google+ and has the advantage of reposting to your Google+ profile, collections and communities. (For the Chrome extension and posting t

#1 Connect your Source Account – Your Google+ Profile or Page

o Google+ profiles, communities and collections, you will need your computer and browser running  at the time of posting)

In Friends+Me there are source and destination accounts. Whilst your Google+ profiles or pages can be destination accounts (i.e. you can post to them), most of the time they are source accounts- i.e. Friends+Me posts from them.

Click on “Connect a Profile” (or page) under the Google+ column to connect your Google+ profile/page. You’ll be redirected to your Google accounts page. Choose which account you want to connect (or enter your login details for the account you want to connect): 

Google will then ask you if you accept Friends+Me to have offline access to your Google+ account. Friends+Me needs access to check your public posts.

If you are connecting to one of your Google+ pages, you’ll have an extra step at this point as you’ll need to select which of your Google+ Pages you are connecting to (don’t worry Google+ profile users). Click which page you want to connect to and confirm with Pick a Google+ Page button.

Congratulations, you’ve just created your source account! Friends+Me can now check your Google+ profile/page posts to repost to other networks. Nothing is going to happen yet, however- we’ve not added any destination social networks for Friends+Me to post to. It’s also worth noting, Friends+Me won’t re-post any of your older Google+ posts- only ones from the time you’ve set this up.

On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see your Google+ profile and a list of menu items. You should also see the words “Preset: Grow” just under your name.

There are two presets for your accounts in Friends+Me- Grow and Mirror. To find out more and to change these, click on “set up” in the menu.


When you select “Grow”, Friends+Me will link back to the original Google+ post as opposed to the linked article in that post. This is great if you want to draw attention to your Google+ profile or page and build up engagement. If you select this, you can still override the setting on a per-network basis later. For example if you always wanted to link back to your Google+ posts when you repost to Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn, but you’d prefer to link to the linked article when you repost to Facebook, you can subsequently select “Mirror” in your Facebook settings


When you select “Mirror”, each new repost will link to the original linked article you shared and not your Google+ post. Although this won’t help in growing your Google+ channel, it allows you to always link to the articles you are sharing. 

Which one?

Hopefully the explanation above will help you decide, but ultimately the choice depends on your strategy and the way you want to work. If you change your mind later, that’s fine, it’s easy to go back in and change later.


You will also see an advanced option at the bottom of this page that allows you to repost content that you publish on your Google+ communities. By default Friends+Me only checks the posts you have published to your Google+ profile or page. By checking this option, you can allow Friends+Me to check your posts on your public Google+ communities and have the ability to repost to different social networks.

#2 Connect your Destination Account – Your Twitter Profile

Now that you’ve set your source account in Friends+Me, you’ll need to set up some destination accounts. Destination accounts, as the name suggests, are social networks that you are posting to. The method is pretty much the same for each one. You will need to authorize Friends+Me to access each of your accounts. Also, you’ll need to keep an eye on how many social networks you are connecting to, as the maximum number depends on which Friends+Me plan you are on.

Firstly, let’s connect to a Twitter account. Click the “+Add a New Account” button at the top left (underneath the menu and @ buttons).

Then click on “Connect” underneath the Twitter column. You’ll then need to authorize Friends+Me to use your Twitter account by logging in and clicking “Authorize app”:

Your Twitter account will now appear in the Friends+Me dashboard. There are a few more settings we’ll want to configure, but first, let’s connect to our Facebook profile or page.

#3 Connect your Destination Account – Your Facebook Profile/Page

Adding your Facebook page or profile to Friends+Me is very similar to the way we added your Twitter account.

You need to authorize Friends+Me to access your Facebook account. Facebook gives you a lot of control over the data you can share, so there are a few more steps.

Please note, even if you only want to add your Facebook page within Friends+Me, you still need to connect via your Facebook profile. The reason for this is that Friends+Me needs to know which Facebook Pages you are admin for. However, Friends+Me will only post to the page or profile you have connected with.

Once you click on “+Add a new account” and “connect a profile” (or page) under the Twitter column, you will see a dialogue box similar to the following:   

Once you click OK, you’ll then be asked if you want to give permission for Friends+Me to post publicly. Assuming you want to post publicly on Facebook via Friends+Me, click “Okay”- this will give you the most exposure and engagement. However, if you’d prefer to post to your friends or another Facebook friends list, you can select this here.

If you are connecting to one of your Facebook pages, you’ll have two more steps. Firstly you’ll need to give permission for Friends+Me to manage your pages. Click Okay for this step:

And finally, select which Facebook page you want to connect to:

#4 Set up your Destination Preset (Optional)

You can go ahead and connect your other social networks now, but once you are done, it’s recommended to check the settings for each one. When we set up your source Google+ account you had the choice to select the “Grow” preset or the “Mirror” preset.  For example, if you had chosen “Grow”, Friends+Me will link back to your original post on Google+ when it reposts to Twitter, Facebook or any of the other networks you’ve connected. But, you may want one of your social networks to behave differently. For example, you may want reposts to Facebook to link back to the original article that you linked to in your Google+ post.

You can change the destination preset for each social network really easily.

First of all, click on the social network you want to change the preset for on the left menu, and click “Setup”.

Once you’ve done this you can select which profile you want to choose for this destination account- either “grow” or “mirror”:

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