Set up your Schedule

When you repost from your source Google+ account to your destination social networks, you can choose to repost immediately (or as soon as Friends+Me sees the post), repost after a specified delay or post at predefined time (a schedule).

To choose, go to the destination social account in the side bar, and click on “schedule”. At the bottom you can choose whether to repost immediately, post at predefined times or repost with a delay:

If you choose “repost at predefined times”, you’ll need to create a schedule of posting times for the week. These are the times that the posts in your queue will get reposted out. Each time you repost, they get added to the queue for that social network, and the first post in the queue will be posted out at the next scheduled time.

Choose which timezone you are located in, and then create a schedule for each day of the week, or a different schedule for each day:

If you do choose to repost on a schedule or on a delay, you can always bypass this and repost immediately by using the #nq hashtag in the Google+ post. This tells Friends+Me to repost immediately.

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