Set up your Repost Routing

You are pretty much good to go, but it’s a good idea to delve into the Repost Routing settings. At first glance this can look a bit complicated, but don’t worry. You’ll rarely need to come back here but it’s good to get a reminder for which hashtags you’ll need to use to repost to each social network.

Friends+Me will check each of your source Google+ accounts for new posts. If you’ve enabled reposting and you’ve not used the special #noshare hashtag (which disables reposting on a per-post basis) it will then repost to your social networks.

To view the Reposts Routing settings, click on the menu button on the top left of the dashboard, and click “Reposts Routing”.

You will see the settings for your source Google+ account. If you want Friends+Me to check your account for new posts and repost to other networks, make sure you have Reposting from this account “enabled”:

You can also choose which destination social accounts you want Friends+Me to post from this source.

Whenever you want Friends+Me to repost from your source account to your destination accounts you don’t actually need to do anything- Friends+Me takes care of the rest. However, if you don’t want one of your Google+ posts to get reposted, all you’ll need to do is add the #noshare hashtag. You can change these settings on the Reposts Routing box:

In this example, I’ve added my Twitter profile and Facebook page as destination accounts. Each time I post on Google+, Friends+Me will repost to both of these unless I use the #noshare hashtag. But what if I want to repost to only my Facebook page or only Twitter? Well, with Friends+Me you can.

If I want to repost to Twitter only, I can use the hashtag #t, and if I want to post to Facebook only, I can use the hashtag #f. You can change the settings below:

If I had other destination accounts added here, such as a LinkedIn account, I could be even more clever and repost to Twitter and LinkedIn using the hashtag #tl or Facebook and LinkedIn using the hashtag #fl. All that is getting a bit advanced for now, but as you can see all of this is perfectly possible within Friends+Me.

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