Set up your first post with Friends+Me

Now you are definitely ready to go and you can craft your first Google+ post to be boosted using Friends+Me.

Head on down to Google+ (make sure it is your source Google+ profile or page that we previously set up) and start crafting your post.

Friends+Me works best if you are linking to an article or if you are resharing another Google post. In this example, I am sharing an article I previously published on my blog.

Write your Google+ post as usual, but do include a title at the top (by putting an asterisk at the beginning and end of the line). When posting to Twitter, only the title will be used as well as the link. Friends+Me also extracts the image from the article and embeds this in the tweet:

When posting to longer form social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn, the full body of the Google+ post is also used:

Finally do add some hashtags as you would normally. Once you publish the Google+ post, Friends+Me will repost to your destination accounts the next time it checks.

If you were to use the “no share” hashtag, for example #ns, Friends+Me will ignore the post.

If you use the “no queue” hashtag, for example #nq, Friends+Me will repost immediately.

If you want to manually select which social network you want to repost to, then you can use the other hashtags that you set up in the Repost Routing section. In this example, I am posting to my main Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and Facebook page ( #TLF) as well as my personal Twitter account (#TW). I also don’t want Friends+Me to queue the post- I want it to repost immediately (#nq): 

Here is how the repost looked like on Twitter:

And here is what it looked like on Facebook:

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