Set up - Grow or Mirror

Friends+Me reposts your Google+ posts to your various social networks. It does this in an intelligent way- understanding the differences between the way each network works. For Twitter, Friends+Me will just use the title (the first line of the post) and the link, and if possible also embed the image in the Tweet- we’ve only got 140 characters to work with after all (and there’s even a nifty feature to limit to 110 characters to allow people to retweet your tweets).

However you need to make a decision for each network you connect- where do you want the links to link to? If you are like most users, you’ll be linking to external content in the Google+ posts you want Friends+Me to repost to your various social networks. So, when your Google+ posts are reposted, do you want to link to...

  1. The original Google+ post that created the repost?
  2. The link you attached to the original Google+ post?

The choice depends on your strategy and what you are wanting to achieve.

Are you wanting to grow your Google+ channel? If so, a great strategy is to keep linking back to your original Google+ posts. This will give your Google+ channel more exposure, views and followers over time. For this you need to choose the GROW preset.

Are you wanting to increase the number of click throughs to the content you are linking to? If you are linking to articles or content you’ve created and you want them to get the exposure, then this is the best strategy. Friends+Me will link to the content you linked to in the original Google+ posts when it reposts to different networks instead of linking to the original Google+ post itself. Of course, there may be times when you don’t link to external content. In that case, Friends+Me will fall back to linking to the original Google+ post. For this method, you need to choose the MIRROR preset.

The great news is that you can choose a different preset for each destination profile. That means you can have a different strategy for each profile. For example, you might want to choose the MIRROR preset for your Twitter destination profiles - because you’re only interested in generating more exposure and click throughs to the articles you link to. However, you might want to link back to your Google+ profile when you repost to your Facebook page. In that way you can grow your Google+ channel through your Facebook page.

It’s your choice - think it through and then decide. Of course, it’s important to keep testing and looking at the engagement. You may want to change your strategy in the future by changing from MIRROR to GROW or from GROW to MIRROR. You can do that at any time.

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