All About Scheduling

We covered scheduling briefly in the last article. Friends+Me checks all your source accounts for new posts (for example new posts on your Google+ profile and Google+ page) and then reposts them to your destination accounts if applicable.

How often Friends+Me checks your source accounts depends on a number of factors. To begin with, Friends+Me will keep checking at the quickest interval. If, however, Friends+Me notices you’re not posting so often, it adapts and checks less often. If you are on the free plan, Friends+Me checks every 10 minutes, but will slow down to intervals of 30, 80 and 180 minutes if there are no new posts for a while. For paid customers, Friends+Me will check every minute but will slow down to 3, 5, 7 and 10 minutes if there are no new posts. The quickest possible check interval is always restored with next successful repost.

You may not want Friends+Me to repost the post at all, or you may want it only reposted to certain destination profiles. That’s absolutely fine and it is something we’ll cover in the “Repost Routing” section below.

Friends+Me also gives you a number of options as to when the post will get reposted:

  1. You can repost your post immediately. Please note, this will be as soon as Friends+Me spots the new post so there will be a short delay before this happens. This is a premium option available only on Friends+Me paid plans.
  2. You can repost after a specified delay. For example, you could choose to repost your posts after a 20 minute, 1hr or even a 12hr delay
  3. Add to your reposting queue. Each destination account has a schedule. If you select the “repost at predefined times” option, Friends+Me will add the post to the queue for that destination account. The next time a repost is scheduled, the first post in the queue will be reposted.

If you ever want to bypass the above, and force Friends+Me to repost your post as soon as possible- all you need to do is add the “no queue” hashtag to your Google+ post- #nq.

Setting up a Schedule

To set up a schedule, go to your destination account in your Friends+Me dashboard and click the “schedule” menu.

You can now set up one or more schedules for your posts to be reposted on this destination account.

Firstly, make sure you set your timezone. Friends+Me works with people all round the world, so it needs to know what timezone you work in!

For most people, setting one schedule is going to be adequate. This will be the same set of times for each day of the week. Or you may find you only want to post on weekdays and not at the weekend. That’s fine too.

Firstly, make sure you have all the days of the week highlighted. It should display “Every Day” like so:

If you only want to post Monday-Friday, click Saturday and Sunday to deselect them. It should now display “Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri”:

Do you want more flexibility? Maybe you do want to post at the weekend, just at a different reposting frequency? That’s fine! All you need to do is create a new posting schedule by clicking on the “+ New posting schedule” button. The ability to have more than one schedule is a premium feature available only to paid Friends+Me accounts. Make sure the initial posting schedule has Monday through to Friday selected, and the new posting schedule having Saturday and Sunday selected:

Of course, we’ll need to set some times to repost for these days. That’s easy to do. First of all, select the schedule - in this case we’re selecting “Monday-Friday” and then add a new reposting time as follows:

You can also edit or delete some of the times that are already there so you can make your perfect schedule:

Once you’ve created your scheduling masterpiece, you’ll need to make sure Friends+Me now uses this schedule for your reposts. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and select “Repost at predefined times”. The schedule you’ve just set up are those predefined times!

Of course, if you ever want to bypass the schedule for a particular post, you can do, just by adding the #nq hashtag (no queue) to the original post. Friends+Me will then just repost it immediately.

As mentioned before, there are two other options. If you would prefer not to repost on a schedule all the time and just repost as soon as possible, then choose the “Repost immediately” option.

However, you might want to choose “repost with a delay” and then choose how long you want Friends+Me to delay before reposting:

You could choose to delay anywhere between 1, 3 and 5 minutes up to a number of weeks. You may find choosing this option works for your strategy if you are wanting to stagger your reposts across your various networks. Again, you can bypass the delay by using the no queue hashtag (“#nq”) so that Friends+Me will repost immediately.

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