All About Reposts Routing

Again, we mentioned the “Reposts Routing” dashboard in our previous article. It looks complicated to begin with, but don’t worry- it isn’t- and you won’t need to visit this page very often in the future!

Friends+Me is really easy to use out of the box. It reposts your posts from your origin networks to your destination networks and you can choose (as we’ve seen) whether to repost immediately, after a delay, on a predefined schedule or not at all. You can choose whether you want to link to the original post or the original article you linked to. All of that is is set up and ready to go.

However, what if you wanted more control over which networks certain posts get reposted to? Maybe you’d like one post to get reposted to your Twitter account and another post reposted to your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile?

The good news is that Friends+Me offers you that flexibility, and that’s through the reposts routing section.

The default is to repost your origin accounts’ posts to all your destination accounts. However, you can override this behaviour using hashtags to select which accounts you want to repost to. For example I could choose to repost to my Facebook page using the hashtag #f, repost to my LinkedIn profile using #l and my Twitter account using #t. I can then combine them to post to more than one- for example #tf to repost to Twitter and my Facebook page, #fl to repost to my Facebook page and my LinkedIn profile and #tfl to repost to my Twitter account, Facebook page and my LinkedIn profile. You may not want to do this for all your posts- but to have that flexibility is very powerful.

Repost Default Destinations

It’s nice when life is made a bit easier, and in Friends+Me you can select which destination accounts you want Friends+Me to repost to as the default. You can always override these on a per post basis or use the “no share” hashtag (#ns) to force Friends+Me not to repost a certain post. However sometimes it is easy to forget to use a hashtag, and you can get Friends+Me to always repost to your default destination accounts unless you specifically override this.

In this section, you can add all the destination accounts by clicking the “+ Assign Account” button:

In this example, all my Google+ profile posts will be reposted to my Twitter account and Facebook page every time unless I override using the no share hashtag or another control hashtag (see below).

The No Share Control Hashtags

I’ve mentioned the “no share” hashtag a number of times. When you use this hashtag in your origin account’s posts, Friends+Me will ignore it and it won’t be reposted. This control hashtag group is what tells Friends+Me which hashtags to look for when ignoring posts. My recommendation is to leave this alone. The default is that the following hashtags can be used to denote that the post isn’t to be reposted- #ns, #plusonly and #noshare. However, if you’d prefer to add another hashtag that you are more comfortable with then do add a new hashtag by clicking the “+Add a Hashtag” button.

Editing your Control Hashtag Groups

A Control Hashtag group” is a group of one or more hashtags that tell Friends+Me which networks to repost to. As I mentioned before, you could use the hashtag #t to tell Friends+Me to repost to Twitter. Perhaps you’ve set up Friends+Me to usually repost all your posts to Twitter AND your Facebook page. However, maybe you’d like to occasionally repost the odd post to just Twitter? In that situation, you can use the Control hashtag for Twitter- which in my case is #t:

You can see in the above screenshot that the only hashtag in this group is #t and we’ve assigned my Twitter account. I’ve also selected “Remove Control Hashtags from Reposts”. In most cases you’ll want this selected because adding control hashtags such as #t or #f won’t make much sense in the repost.

You may consider creating a special hashtag for your brand and in this case you may prefer this option to be disabled.

Finally, I’ve selected “Override Default Destinations”. If I use the hashtag #t, I want to override my default destinations and to just repost to Twitter. However, you’ll want to deselect this if you want to repost to this network in addition to your default networks. For example, if my default destination networks were Facebook and LinkedIn, and I wanted to post to Twitter in addition by using the #t hashtag I’d want to deselect the override default destinations option.

Creating New Control Hashtag Groups

Once you get a bit more confidence with the reposts routing section, you’ll want to start creating your own.

The power comes from combining destination networks. For example, I can create a new control hashtag group so I can repost to both Facebook and Twitter:

I’ve added both #tf and #ft so that I can use either to tell Friends+Me I want this post reposted to both Twitter and Facebook. In this way, if you have 3 or more networks to repost to (such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN) you could add the hashtags #tfl, #flt, #ltf and #lft which will tell Friends+Me to repost to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you want to differentiate between your Facebook page and profile, you could use #f for your Facebook page and #fb for your Facebook profile. Maybe you could use #l for your LinkedIn profile and #lp for your LinkedIn page? There are loads of options, so you need to work out a solution that’s best for you.

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