How schedule posts from any RSS feed

You'll be able to publish posts from any RSS feed via your Friends+Me account.

We'll use Zapier to automate this task so first, you'll have to have Zapier account and then accept this Friends+Me invitation to be able to create a zap with Friends+Me.

Accepted the invitation? Ok, here we go.

  1. Go to your Zapier dashboard
  2. Click the big orange CREATE A ZAP! button
  3. In the search enter RSS and pick RSS by Zapier integration from the drop-down.
  4. Pick New Item in Feed trigger and click the Save + Continue button
  5. Now you can enter your RSS feed URL (for example to Feed URL field and confirm with Continue button
  6. Zapier will now test the feed after you click Fetch & Continue button. You can then click the Continue button after the feed is successfully tested.
  7. Now is time to add Friends+Me to the mix. In the search enter friends+me and pick Friends+Me integration from the drop-down.

Now you have two options. You can either set this zap to create and schedule new posts or to create drafts.

You'll prefer drafts in case you'd like to curate the content before it's actually scheduled and published. Most useful in case you're aggregating RSS feeds of other than your sites.

To schedule new posts will be preferred option for example in case you'd like to share your new Wordpress posts to your social accounts.

  1. Let's continue and pick either Create Post or Create Draft option and click Save + Continue button to confirm.
  2. Now is time to connect your Friends+Me account so click the Connect an Account button.
  3. You'll be asked to log in to your Friends+Me account and to confirm requested permissions with Authorize button.and continue with Save+Continue button.
  4. Perfect. Now you have to pick a team for which you'd like to create drafts or schedule posts.
  5. Now we have to define a structure of a message. I suggest checking the video for this step.
  6. Next step is to define RSS item Link for Attach Link field. Again the video will help.
  7. We can skip Attach Picture field to this setup since the link preview picture will be used.
  8. Confirm with Continue button.
  9. In this step you can either Send Test to Friends+Me to verify the setup or Skip Test, it's up to you but I suggest to go with the Send Test...
  10. Success? Perfect! Hit the Finish button.
  11. The last step is to hit the OFF switch button to enable this new Zap and your new Zap is ready!