How to add Instagram queue

Things may go wrong when adding your Instagram queue and here you'll find help.

The first time you're trying to add an Instagram account is when things usually go wrong.

Please make sure you have done the following. If you do not have all of the below, your posts will most likely fail, or you'll not be able to add your Instagram account. 

  1. Added an email address to the Instagram account and verified it (check there's an email assigned to your Instagram profile if there is you're fine).
  2. Added a phone number to the Instagram account and verified it (check there's a phone number assigned to the Instagram profile). Instagram can sometimes block your uploads until you have added one. This step is very IMPORTANT!
  3. Make sure two-factor authentication is disabled for the Instagram account.
  4. Logged in lately with your device/phone (to check there are no outstanding queries or errors).
  5. Make sure the Instagram account has at least 5-10 images published already – this condition makes sure any errors or questions Instagram has for you will be resolved by you and will not cause any errors in the future.
  6. Make sure you have access to the email and phone number attached to the Instagram account you're adding.

It is common, particularly for accounts outside of the USA, account connect, or first publishing fails, and Instagram will ask you to verify the login. This is a security feature of Instagram.

For some accounts that are usually used in another location, Instagram triggers An Unusual Login Attempt Login Issue, as you are logging into Instagram from an unknown location. If this occurs, please don’t be alarmed — it’s simply due to your account being accessed from an unfamiliar location.

When this occurs, you’ll receive an email from Instagram at the email address attached to the account or SMS, with security code.

You'll have to follow steps from help page An Unusual Login Attempt Login Issue and try to add the Instagram account once again. You may need to repeat these steps more than once to successfully connect your Instagram account.

This short video will show you how to add your Instagram queue.

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